its a Question that come in our Mind we are struggle on Blogger and we write alot of articles and record videos to help those people who live for away and they come on Google search on google and using specific or related keyword they come in our Website so i will tell you how we can earn On Blogger and which Ad network is best For Blogger. Guys there are alot Of network in Market some Ad Network have huge demand . some ad network Focus on Your Traffic and some Focus on Your Content so i will tell you step By step which is best For your Site and which Ad network pay you and which is not pay you . i will share you own personal knowledge Here. Adsense Alternatives For Blogger and Wordpress are below


Adsense is Online largest network in the world its Google ownership and billion of sites in Google Search Engine . You can get Adsense if you make website with original Content and you site full fill all requirement of Google Adsense Program.You site should have Privacy Policy,About Us,Sitemap and Contact us . All no copy Paste and article should me 300 Plus words. then you can apply For adsense and domain age is 6 Month old For India user but sometime Adsense approve Your site.


Infolink is also good ads network its show pop up ads Tag ads,Side Banner ads, etc and its is also Cpm network if you got Traffic from USA ,UK,Canada then it will also pay you Pageviewer earning its give Good amount Of money to you .But its have no Strick Rules .


Taboola Ads network is totally CPM network but for apply for taboola account you need 1 million traffic pageviewer required then you can get taboola account if you got traffic from USA,UK, Canada countries 1 million taboola can pay you 1000 dollar to 1500 dollars and if someone click on ads then you can earn extra money also. i like taboola so much .
these ad network i am also using .

Media.Net: is ad network of Bing and yahoo . now yahoo and bing have combine .media dot net is page viewer Cpm network but for apply for account you website need atleast 10 % traffic from USA,UK,Canada  and your content should be valid and searchable then you can get it .
but unfortunatlly i did not get this account. so you can try it .

and all these Adsense Alternatives For Blogger and Wordpress if you are gain alot Of traffic from google and facebook.

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