Now a days alot of site i will say billion of site in a google search engine . many of people work hard for writing a content ,article on different topic because world come closing now a days and alot people have some problem they go to google and search own problem and get solution. alot of sites have own copyrights but some blogger or some people try to copy you article and post those article own sites .its a bad suitation for real content writer so how we can save own site and how we can Prevent your site article so today i will share you method because alot of site on google are wordpress and i will tell Plugin these plugin will disable right click and noone can be copy you content .Prevent Your Website Article

Top  2 wordpress Plugin Prevent your website Article


WP-Copyprotect is best plugging this plugin will e help you to disable write click and no one can e copy your article and content this plugin also disable inspect element because some plugin only disable right click and people copy all data from inspect element so this plugin also disable inspect element so SEO will be no effect from this Plugin installation its a best plugin ever.


                                                                       Download WP-copyprotect Plugin

2:WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

This plugin is also top best plugin and this plugin Prevent Your Website Article for copyright tou content disable write click and disable keybords key.and no one can copy images from this plugin


prevent your blog posts and pages

Prevent Your images but people can print screen :(

so i personally use this plugin

None of these keys work: CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+C, CTRL+S or CTRL+V

  Download WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

If you need any help Prevent Your Website Article these plugin are best plugin so you can comment here i will be reply instant.

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