There are many site on internet they are offering templates in these site they offer paid templates and some site offer Free template . Paid template look professional but they charge cost that why people do not buy these template mostly and people want Free template . people also want Free and professional templates also . so today i will introduce two good website they are offer Free and professional Templates and you can use these Blogger Template on Blog these template are categories and i want to say i am also using this temple one of This site yes you can also use template.In blogger also offer own template but these template are not good and blogger using Old template Format .world and knowledge have been changed blogger should also change the template design blogger using HTML4 but now mostly people using HTML5  so this is a big Difference

1: Templateism is Big and Professional template site . so best thing of thi site is this site owner is my best friend and if you will use this  site template you will really enjoy each and everything have defined in these template and you did not nothing editing just Download and install in blogger . i have upload tutorial upload Template Must read this tutorial.

Must ReadHow we can upload template in blogger 2015
2: Btemplates 
  is also Top 2 Best Blogger Templates Sites in This site you can find alot of templete some template are Good and simple and some template are Professional but Templateism are best site .i am upload few template you can also download templates of this site .
if you need any help you can message and comment .Top 2 Best Blogger Templates Sites

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