its a question how we can earn money From blogger alot of people are earn money from blog and many people do not know how they are earn money from blogger . its a question and many people should know about this .blogger is a Plate form where you post own knowledge and helpful tips and tell the solution of problems . and when people search about on google with specific Keyword if the keyword match in your blog post they come in your Blog and visit your blog .So google have made a Publishing and Advertising Plan Google Post Ads on your blog and if alot of people Visiting Your Blog and they Are also visiting Ads and if they click Ads in your blog you can earn money through this in this Google Give you 68% Revenue and 32% Revenue goes to Google . So 68% Revenue is our its is Best and you can gain traffic from Google,Facebook, Reddit,Twitter Google Plus and other Social media. but you traffic should Come through Google its can give you alot of Clicks and money .

i have 3 main Blogs but you blog SEO should strong and you should use Keywords through Adword
and Your Blog Page Rank should Good then you can gain alot of Traffic From Google many people gain million Of Traffic daily base and they are earn good amount of Money from Google . You can write about any Topic about Mobiles,Internet ,books,projects each and eavrythings

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