Now a days Blogger have become a Internet Trend .If someone have little Knowledge he can create own Site or Blog and Publish own Article on Internet . Google is just search engine but Site in Google are Ownership of Those people who Write and manage own blog and Sites . lets suppose i am writing this Article and i will add own this site in Google Search engine when people Come in My Site through Google Searches and Visit my Site . A lot people understand all site in Google is ownership of Google but its is not .
so today our topic is how we can write best article . Alot of people Do not Know how they write article and which things need for Article writing . first of All you should Write article on Neach Base if You want know about your keyword you can use this site Google Trends.
in this site When you Enter any keywords lets suppose i want write Article on Girls Fashion and i want to know about this keyword its is searchable or not so this site will show me some results
like this

i just Select Girls fashion and i put this keyword in Google trend Site its Give me result like this how much time it have search on google in 2000 it searches is high now in 2015 its searche sis also high so i should write article on this and this keyword i should use in Article i will tell you in next tutorial how many keywords you can use in Article .

so now i will tell you how much cost of this keyword means google will pay cost on this word so we will check site Google Keyword Planner Tool

when we open this site like this

Now click on Search For new keyword using phrase,website or Category

when we click on this and we will put own key word "Girls Fashion"

so now we will see result like this

so this keyword cost you are watching if i use different keywords then you can see bits so we should use keyword low and medium Competition then we can write Best Article so today i just give a idea of keywords how you write Article with Keywords

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