How we can create pages in Blogger it is so simple method just like post i have tell in other article "how we can post in blogger". so i will tell you difference between Post and Pages .
In Post we can Create alot of Posts daily base and update own articles these articles belong to news,tutorials, etc . but in pages we can only introduce main things about own blog you can write on pages just like post but it will not good for you Blog you can see my this blog i have mention pages in blog i have mention main things in blog what kind of blog this and how we can find relate article through page sitemap . 90% of pages and Posts are same but we mostly use pages for introduce the blog and Sitemap , Posts for use for article , tutorials , news daily base updates .

you can see in this Picture what is Pages and Posts

i have label in pic sorry my drawing is not good but i will try you can learn in yellow label Pic showing Pages and Sitemap.

blogging is so easy tool for public own site and Blog.

so now Go to own Blog Layout

you will see Like this

Click On layout and click on "Add Gadget"

a new page will be open just like

you can see Pages and You can also seeing "+" Click on Plus symbol

Click on Save You work is done and Your Pages Gadget have enable.

now You can Go to own Blog top left side You can see Page below post click On Page Create new page you are pages Shown in Blog timeline its is so easy and simple tool

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