Google Adsense is a network of advertising and publisher its allow to Publisher to create own ads and paste on Site and Blog Adsense is a earning Dashboard and as well as it tell you how much traffic is comming in your site and how much people are visiting your site . alot of blogger are earning money though Google Adsense . if you have a site or Blog and alot of people are visting your site and if you have not paid work on site its mean you are nothing earn money , Google adsense is famous network of publishing and your can earn good amount of Money through this site .

so today i will tell you how you can Google Adsense Approval Tips and how you can approve it. alot of people make youtube video and they earn money through videos its is simple way to earn money .
so first of all
1.Make Gmail Account 
2.visit    Youtube site
3.Go to youtube site left side you will see Community advance and you will see monatization enable       it and you will get adsense account
4: Now go to Blogger create blog on any topic write 20 to 30 Article with 500 Words
5: now buy a cheap Domain from Godaddy site and put domain on Blog
6: now login your Adsense Account and put own Domain for approval
7: with in 7 days you will be get Approval for Site

it is simple tips i am also using this tips Google Adsense Approval Tips

if you need any type of Help then

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