White Bean SaladFull recipe is so easy and simple recipe For Lunches it can be easy made in Home and only 10 to 20 Mints need for Preparing this type Of recipe i personally made this recipe in Home when My mom is not at home i like so much white Beans. and its healthy Food and have less calories

so today i will tell you how you can make this recipe :

Steps below :


1 large Red bell pepper
1 table Spoon olive Oil
1 Bulb chopped Fennel
Salt and Pepper
1 Head Garlic
Parsley - 1 bunch
15 Oz White Beans


Little Burt Red bell pepper when all side of pepper will burn keep This in Politheen bag For 20 Mint
then Shopped the Pepper below this

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Put a Pan On Warm Heater Put Some
Olive Oil 
1 Bulb Chopped Fennel
little Bit Salt and pepper
3 Minced garlic Cloves
2 Table Spoon Chopped parsley
now all thing in pans and fri it slowly slowly then add 15 Oz white beans and Chopped Red bell pepper

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now 3 to 5 Mint Fri it with slow flame

now it will be ready For lunch Box Surve this with Friends and family

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