Feed Baby Parrot Bird Alot Of people Do not know how to feed baby Bird parrot . many people Keep Alot Of Birds if you have any Bird without her Mother then you should Feed by Yourself so i will tell You how You can Feed a Little baby Bird parrot . You Can Feed Latino, Cocktail, Grey , Kokatto, Macow.

Steps below First Of All you Need

1: One Injection 200ml

Remove Needle
2: You need Rubber Pipe (cycle Volve or Cold Drink Straw)
Feed Baby Parrot Bird
Put Straw on Injection in place of Needle

3: Now Fill the Injection with Feed Paste You made
and Put Straw Little bit Enter In Bird Mouth and Slowly Slowly press Injection back Button

You can see In Pic How you can Feed Baby Parrot Bird.
if you need any help comment below i will help you i have also alot of birds

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