Facebook is a Huge Social Media Now day days daily people online in Billion figure . Facebook have 100 Billion plus Registered user and above and Alot of people doing Fun on Facebook . you can say Facebook is a worldwide TV Channel like BBC , CNN ,ALJAZERA etc . You can Become famous through Facebook Channel if you have talent make video or Post On Facebook and Post on Profile or page you Video become Viral and Alot of people watch your video you can become a famous man on Facebook . its not hard but its so easy you should little bit Skill and talent .

so Alot of talented people like Singer, public figure celebrities have own Make Wikipedia and Verified Facebook Page no one can not make the same name page or fake name Page on Facebook its a best feature of Facebook for privacy and security and also as Copyright iIssus . so today i will tell you what is verified and what is Wikipedia page

images (1)
1: Verified Page Blue Badge 
2:  Wikipedia Page
Make Wikipedia and Verified Facebook Page
Verified Page who have Blue badge is also a wikipedia page . if You have Blue Badge page its a Official page also as well as Wikipedia Page mean No one can not make this name again this name have right only for you .

Wikipedia Page its Not a Blue badge Page but its called a community page you can see Wikipedia Go To page Click on 3 dots like below Pic You will See Wiki page like this


Blue VeriFied Page Only For Public Fegure , Tv Channel or Any Brand
but For This You have Real documents and also have rights

so Its little Bit difficult but today i wil tell you how you can make Wiki Page its only name For You no one can steal you name
lets start Now
For Wikipedia page You should have Gray verified page Facebook easily verified any brand name and giving Grab badge on Local business page

make a page on Brand and Local business you can see veried option Facebook with in day Give you Gray Badge on your page.

I have gray page like like this

22333 (1)

you can see Gray Badge page so

Step 1 : Now Change Page name like this For Example If you have Page name Fashion 

You make any other page name same name But (-) this symbol must use on Page name

Your Other page Name should be like This " Fashion-"

Step 2: Now Merge Both Pages Grey page (Fashion) and Other page (Fashion-)

Note: You will keep this page in keep section (Fashion-) remember

Step 3: Both pages will be merge and  you will See this Page (fashion-) like Wiki page 

You can check This page From another Non Admin ID Click on page suggestion

and you will See wiki page

Step 4: Now Come on Point we want Different page name Wiki  so Focus on instruction Clearly

For example i have separate page name Like this " Love Hate" 

this Page can Be Wiki  above page name we have Got "Fashion-"

so Rename "Fashion-" to "Love Hate-"

keep In mind (-) symbol must in Page name

Step 5: Now You have original name "Love hate" and "Love hate-" page

merge both pages You original Page name become wiki

and no one can make you page name again

if you need any help must commnet below Make Wikipedia and Verified Facebook Page

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