Some people have talent and    knowledge and they show own Talent and Knowledge all over the world if you are singer you can sing and alot of people become your Fans if you are artist people can watch you on TV etc . so lets suppose some people have talent but nobody can copy his or her talent because world rule if you will copy ant talent you will charge by courts and Fine.

so Same here on Internet Some People have knowledge and they Spread own knowledge throught blogging they should make some rules or technique no one can stolen Your data ,Article and your knowledge .Disable Right Click


so today i will tell you how you can safe and prevent own site and blog easy and how you can make a stylish Blog or site so this article is for right Disable if you did not disable Right Click Someone can copy your Article easy and can post your article own Site .

so if your are using Blogspot

 Disable Right Click

1' Login your Blogger Account

2. Now Go to Dashborad >> Template >> Edit HTML

3. Press Ctrl + F and Find  <head> tag

when you Find This tag like This


now save the it



<script type='text/javascript'> var DADrightclicktheme = 'Dark'; var DADrightclickimage = ''; </script> <script type='text/javascript'

src=""> </script>

if you need any help comment related Disable Right Click below i will reply you

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