Alot Of Plate form in internet you can earn money online you can earn money from Facebook , Reddit, Youtube, Google, short links alot of things in Internet you can just do it with laptop and internet connections you can make website on freelancer . you can make picture on adobe photo shop Earn Money From Youtube

if you have any knowledge about any thing you can write on site /blog and you can earn money through it When i start blogging i have no knowledge of anything i just search on Google about online earning and alot of site i have visit then i learned it online people go to institute for learning but i did it free of cost on internet i love internet and Google so i am sharing a one tips with you how you can earn money online with easy steps .you can make a video from Phone i want to tell you can make money through your video yes you can earn from it it is so easy .your video can not waste your video can give you alot of revenue . you can make money through Youtube .

first You should make account On youtube 

after when you make account you just upload a 4 to 5 videos original video uploads on Youtube

now you will apply for Youtube Adsence program

Youtube will paste adds on your video and if every person view your video Youtube will give you money and you can earn alot of cash through video i like this method of earning so much .so i will tell you how you can apply for Youtube adsence program

after make account on Youtube you just Go to video manager and apply for adsense Account After apply adsense with in 4 to 8 Hour You will receive confirmation message from Youtube and you can visit ads on Youtube.

Earn Money From Youtube

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