Facebook is Big Plate form For people To connect . Now a day if you live far away from own family you can easy to connect with family througt Facebook . every person who is educated have Facebook account account . Facebook daily working on System and daily Facebook developing features For Facebook member. Facebook have also privacy Rule also .

Facebook have limit to send request daily this limit is 30 to 40 according to your account and verification of account . but if you exceed limit for sending request Facebook block you and you can not send request more for 2 day , 7 days 14 day and 30 days . and you did not never know which person you send request if you Check and delete Pending sent request then you can send request and maintain the limit od request .
now i will show you trick how you can see  sent request and Check and delete Pending sent request in future you should mention in mind .

First login On you account

and click on this link  sent Request

I hope You will like this Tutorial Check and delete Pending sent request and  you like this tutorial leave comments below and subcribe email for more tutorials

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