Facebook is becoming Popular now a days and every celebrity have page on Facebook and they have Get Unlimited Facebook Likes

so you can also create Fan page and you can also become popular Facebook give paid likes and you can buy paid likes through page ads Techniques.many people can not pay money to Facebook to get Get Unlimited Facebook Likes .so today i will tell you how you can got unlimited likes Free of cost and can earn money Through Facebook Fan page .

 1.Create Facebook profile with own name or Any other Famous Celebrity Name 

   2. Fill own profile and Profile Picture and cover photo also                                  

   3. now its up to you which country likes you want own page                                

   4.For Example if you want USA likes you should like USA pages (Celebrity,health,Movies,Entertainment,sports)     

  5.join also USA group and start commenting on any topic you will receive alot of friends request on profile and once you got 5000 Friends on you profile and after 5000 someone want send you request then he will become follower of you Profile if you got 5000 friends and 15000 Follower so its mean you have 20,000 Audience

Now Visit This link   Page Migrate

you can Easy Change You Facebook profile into page and you Page likes become 20000

i have mention that if you have 5000 friends on Profile and 15000 followers

you can not add more than 5000 Friend

Earn Money

You can earn money through facebook page if you post any Products (Amazone, Ebay)

if you post of any product of Amazone you can charge 5$ each

 Get Unlimited Facebook Likes

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