Reddit is Big social Network Many people use Reddit For news ,Funny picture and videos and Millions of user online on Reddit . Reddit have become popular in united States and Canada mostly user of Reddit from united States and Canada . if you See any video on Youtube or any funny image on Facebook ,First those Things Come From Reddit then these things Publish on other Social media .Reddit is totally different thing other Social media you can not upload own picture here its is just like a mini television you can say it . Reddit have Alot of category .and Category have own rules .

 How to get Traffic from Reddit

for example if you Subscribe News sub reddit you will see all news in this category , pictures category is different things .

In Reddit user only Upload "Tittle" and "link"

and you can see that things on other site like twitter Vk

mostly people use Reddit to gainHow to get Traffic from Reddit Also And use its for communication

Reddit have top 10  in Alexa Rank now in Reddit community you can share own Idea and meet new people also .

I like Reddit So much and using this site for many year also

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